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Finding the Issues....A Road Map to Compete Dental Health

Your initial oral examination includes a visual dental examination, peridontal evaluation, oral cancer screening, cosmetic evaluation, all necessary digital x-rays, and recommendations for the best course of action to ensure your complete dental health.

The dental examination is a process during which the dentist will investigate the oral and systemic health of a patient in order to identify pathologies or concerns. Then, a uniquely customized treatment plan is developed, catered towards maximizing the patient’s oral health, while meeting their goals and expectations.

Our dental hygienist will explore the overall condition of your dental health and report to Dr. Tom prior to his exam. The hygienist will also check for periodontal disease, bone loss, plaque accumulation and calculus deposits. If x-rays (radiographs) are necessary, the hygienist or assistant will take full-mouth digital X-rays or bitewings (molars and premolars) to detect abnormalities not visible to the naked eye.

Dr. Tom will spend time with you reviewing his findings, as well as talking to you about your wishes, needs, and concerns. You will have time to ask questions. This examination is critical to developing a treatment plan that outlines the appropriate risks, benefits, and alternatives that will be discussed with you, and to formulate an appropriate future plan of action.


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