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Fixing the Problem....With Compassion and a Gentle Touch

Associates for Family Dentistry offers a full array of solutions for your dental health needs. Following a complete examination and diagnosis of the status of your teeth and gums, we will develop a plan of action that will best take care of any problems that need to be addressed.

We understand that many of our patients have anxiety and fears of procedures required. Even though dental work is far from the uncomfortable event it was decades ago, different levels of tolerance can make some patients more anxious than others.

Research shows that many patients face their dental appointments with some degree of fear and apprehension. In our personalized approach, we offer several ways to assist you in receiving treatment while remaining relaxed.

From topical and local anesthetics, to conscious sedation, we promise to do everything we can to help make sure you are as comfortable as possible. During your visit, we can discuss these options with you and create your personalized treatment plan for relaxing and worry free dental care.

The following are a list of painless and anxiety free procedures we conduct at our office:


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